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Rita Strayer Ceramics

Sovereign Series: Ash Urn

Sovereign Series: Ash Urn

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This piece is intended as a final resting place for the ashes of your beloved; suitable for the cremains of those who weighed up to 80 lbs when in their earthly form. 

For many, a special furry loved one will be forever crowned as the unshakeable King or Queen of our hearts. This pet urn honors those placeholders, and features two unique stories in it's linear design. On one side, be reminded of the story of your unique bond, as only you know it, shown as growing rings for the ripple effect of their presence in your life. Turn the urn for the joyful story of their journey to the next plane, exultant wings of flight, reaching for the heavens.

Sovereign Series: Linear patterns are created using tape relief over and under various phases of the glazing process. The surfaces of fired work becomes a canvas, and pieces are fired multiple times to create these impressions. A time consuming process and a labor of love, every piece with lines is original and impossible to duplicate exactly, even by myself. Truly one of a kind.

Urn Dimensions (with lid) 11.25" H x 5" W ; Vessel without lid 8" 

Container holds 32 fl oz. 

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