About my Process

It is always my goal to produce a body of work that is so well crafted you will assume it is machine-made at first glance. When I am satisfied that the form of a piece cannot be improved, I apply a flaw or makers mark as evidence that it was made by human hands. 

Although I usually hide the “flaw” so that only I can find it, at other times it is in plain sight: the most obvious example is in the slip excess used to attach handles to mugs. Carved pieces include cut marks made instinctively. In a taped piece, look for a missed repeat in the lined pattern. It’s the little imperfections that escape the undiscerning eye, & it’s those details that seem the most relatable to me later when I survey my own work. The flaws in a work mirror the truest nature of humanity, and humanity is the common theme in all of my work. 

From handle to foot, each facet of my functional pieces are wheel thrown, altered, and carved from white stoneware or porcelain, and are designed to represent various themes of the human condition. A great deal of thought & an extensive amount of time goes into every piece; I chuck about 30% of my work, so if a piece has made it to the point of public viewing, it’s guaranteed to have passed a high standard test by me.